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Student success insights to identify at-risk students—and the supports they need most


调查 students to understand elements influencing their experience across areas such as extracurricular activities, 体育运动, 图书馆及科技资源, 运输, 安全, 多样性, and other elements of institutional climate and student life.


Evaluates comprehensive data through a Graduation Early Warning Dashboard to identify which student profiles are at risk for not graduating, key triggers that may contribute to failures to graduate, and possible intervention points for improving graduation rates.


揭示了损耗的主要驱动因素, allows you to see factors that contribute to student dropout, and targets ways to prevent student dropout in the future.


Analyzes targeted young alumni post-graduate outcomes and career development to identify perceived strengths and gaps, 盈利预期, and satisfaction with their educational experience using a series of recent graduate and proprietary employer surveys to identify key factors that drive lifetime achievement.


Are your programs meeting labor market demands? 在瞬息万变的就业市场中, it is critical for higher education institutions to align their academic programs…
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Compared to students with only a high school education, college graduates earn significantly more money throughout their lifetime, receive benefits and better career opportunities,…

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